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The Harmony LA System gives surgeons direct control over poisiton, pattern size, intensity, ambient lighting, and power all with one hand, and all without compromising the sterile field. (STERIS'S sterile disposable sleeve fits over the handle and the control buttons.)


This revolutionary advance in lighthandle control helps save procedural time and frees nurses to focus on patient care. The Harmony LA System's state-of-the-art Control Center is a huge leap forward for operating room efficiency. A single, intuitive touch screen unifies control over your visualization devices lights, camera, and ambient lighting. Dim all surgical lights at once with one touch. Adjust camera color and orientation, zoom, and focus.


The Harmony LA Control Center eliminates the need for multiple control boxes and allows one person to make all your devices work together for smoother, faster procedures. The Harmony LA lighting system is designed to replace existing surgical lights, or to be installed as part of major renovations to existing facilities or in new facilities. The ceiling mounting plate is designed for compatibility with existing installations. Illumination intensity can be adjusted up to approximately 160,000 lux (14, 860 fc) for the Harmony LA 500. Automatic lamp change over system provides continuous light.  

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